Introducing Southern Cross Healthcare

Southern Cross Hospitals has been a trusted part of New Zealand’s healthcare system for over 40 years. Our new name, Southern Cross Healthcare, reflects that caring for the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders now extends beyond our hospitals. We still deliver quality elective surgery. But we now look after New Zealanders in a fuller range of ways and settings.

We believe passionately that health in this country is worth protecting. Everything we do is about making sure we play the biggest part we can in making that happen. Southern Cross Healthcare is another example of how we are evolving to better meet the changing needs and face of New Zealand.

Our contribution to Kiwis’ health and wellbeing


people received
mental health support


people received
physical rehabilitation


people received
surgical treatment


people received
workplace flu vaccinations

Care is at the very heart of all we do.

Through our wholly-owned hospitals and joint-venture healthcare partnerships, 86,000 people received surgical treatment, 57,600 received physical rehabilitation services, 30,000 received workplace flu vaccinations, and 10,400 received mental health support  (2019).